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Sara Bradly, MA

Inner Focus

Counselling and Personal Development

Focusing-Oriented Workshops

Introduction To Focusing Weekend Workshop


Introduction to Focusing

This structured practical workshop is co-facilitated by Sara Bradly and Judy Moore. It aims to give participants an experiential introduction to Focusing. The workshop is designed to build incrementally on participants' experience and learning, breaking the process of Focusing down into small experiential steps. It will include aspects of Theory, Practice and Discussion.

By the end of the workshop participants will...

  • have a clear idea of what Focusing is and its historical roots in the Person-Centred Approach;
  • have experienced Focusing for themselves in group work and in pairs;
  • have an understanding of the 'Focusing attitude';
  • have an understanding of 'Focusing language';
  • be able to use what they have learnt to facilitate another person in a Focusing process.

Learning how to 'Focus' for oneself and how to facitlitate it for somebody else is something that everyone can benefit from. Whether you are working within the helping professions with clients, or you are wanting to improve the relationships in your personal life, this is for you. The only prerequisite is that you have good listening skills - whether you are a natural good listener, or you have developed your listening skills through a work-based training, being able to carefully listen and attune to another is essential for this workshop.

Prerequisite: Good listening skills

10 hours CPD - attendence certificates issued if required