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Sara Bradly, MA

Inner Focus

Counselling and Personal Development

Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapy

Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapy or 'Focusing', is a gentle and sensitive therapeutic process guided and facilitated by the therapist. It enables the client to connect and 'sense into' problematic feelings and emotions in the body in a safe and contained way in order to explore and integrate inner experiencing. 

This way of working is very powerful, enabling us to get to know different 'parts' of ourselves and the impact these parts have on our lives and circumstances. For example, we all have a critical part which can wreak havoc on us, exacerbating symptoms of depression and anxiety; and we all have a child part which carries the wounds of childhood - perhaps feelings of powerlessness and insignificance. Focusing is about giving attention to these often maligned or neglected parts, which can lead to significant shifts in the feeling quality experienced in the body and profound new insights. Focusing can be an impressive catalyst for change, transforming your feelings towards yourself, towards others and towards your circumstances.

Focusing can be used with or without art materials. Art materials are provided if you would like to work in this way.