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Inner Focus

Counselling and Personal Development

What We Offer

Inner Focus offers two modes of therapy which can be combined: 

  • Person-Centred Counselling: a non-directive mode of therapy. The client is given a warm and accepting space to explore the current issue/s in his/her own time and own way by talking things through with a counsellor who is able to listen deeply and empathically. A trusting therapeutic relationship is developed whereby deeper processing is possible giving rise to deeper insights into the issue.

  • Focusing Oriented Psychotherapy/ 'Focusing': a gentle and sensitive therapeutic process guided and facilitated by the therapist. It enables the client to connect and 'sense into' problematic feelings and emotions in the body in a safe and contained way in order to explore and integrate inner experiencing. This way of working is very powerful, enabling us to get to know different 'parts' of ourselves and the impact these 'parts' have on our lives. For example, we all have a 'critical part', which can wreak havoc on us; and we all have a 'child part' which carries the 'wounds' of childhood. Focusing is about giving attention to these parts (and others) and in doing so enables significant insights to occur, together with shifts in the feeling quality experienced in the body. Art materials are available to use with Focusing as it can be helpful to draw the process - though drawing is not necessary or essential.

Both modes of therapy...

  • recognise and respect that the client knows his/herself best and do not impose anything on the client; 
  • have a deep trust and conviction that the client has the inner resources for positive psychological growth and healing;
  • facilitate the development of increased self-awareness and self-acceptance which lead to greater levels of emotional wellbeing and resilience;
  • facilitate positive psychological changes within the client, which make external changes in the client's life a possibility.