Counselling and Personal Development

Inner Focus

Counselling and Personal Development Service 

What is Counselling?

Counselling is a mode of psychotherapy.  Psychotherapy literally means 'therapy for the psyche', or 'soul'.  

Inner Focus adopts the person-centred model of psychotherapy - commonly referred to as counselling - founded in the 1950s by Carl Rogers. This model has at its core the belief that clients are experts of themselves, and that given the right conditions they will move in the direction of growth. These optimum conditions for growth, essentially, are empathy, acceptance and authenticity.  

These conditions for growth are experienced only in relationship  with another or others. The essence of person-centred counselling then is to develop a trusting therapeutic relationship between counsellor and client within which the client feels safe, in control, respected, accepted, heard, seen and understood.  

This in turn develops and deepens a sense of trust which cultivates authenticity and deeper self-awareness and self-acceptance.  

As self-awareness and self-acceptance develop, the client is able to align his or her self-concept with a more authentic sense of self.  This alignment of the self-concept with the authentic self is key to mental and emotional health, wellbeing and happiness.  The further away we are from our authentic self, the greater our existential angst and unhappiness.

Counselling then is an interactive, inter-relational practice that takes place with a counsellor trained to offer the conditions for growth.  It facilitates a journey towards greater self-acceptance and authenticity, and with this, a greater sense of wellbeing and happiness.